Who we are

We are Christian book publishers with a data-driven approach.

We're Different.

Not all Christian book publishers are the same. We’re a premier Christian inspirational gift and book publisher and want to make a difference. We began with Bibles and gifts and successfully added Christian books under our publishing arm, Christian Art Publishers. We’ve got the data to know what’s selling and what readers want and need to read now.  Our authors partner with us to scale and build a group of products. We’re not just publishing books, we’re making great gifts. 

meet our teams.

We’re as passionate as you are about getting your message of God’s truth published. That’s why we’re with you every step of the way.  We’ll help you meet readers where they are by finding the questions they’re asking. We’re up-to-date on bestselling book designs. We’ll help with expert editorial advice and marketing to make sure your book gets to the people who need to read it.


Book Editors

Our book editors make sure your writing is not only correct but organized, relevant, true and clear to the reader.

Book Designers

Our design team makes your book beautiful. Years of experience plus keeping current with today’s designs will make your book stand out. 

marketing and sales

Marketing Team

Our marketing team works with you to make optimal use of any channel, whether promotion through our networks or making the most of your own social platforms, blogs or podcasts.

Sales Team

We let our sales team know of new author volumes that are launched. We’ll promote them to current retail customers and sell them on our retail site.

Retail Partners

3000+ Retailers

Your book gains access to sales through our 3000+ retail customers.

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