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We partner with Christian authors to publish, market and scale their work.

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What makes us different?

Here at Christian Art Publishers, we think about Christian book publishing differently.
Your message is important to us. We won’t simply publish your work, release it, and hope it might sell. Instead, we invest in partnerships with our authors, creating a long-term strategic plan to make sure your message gets to the readers that need it most.

Why Christian art publishers?

We’ve got the experience, data and resources you need to get a head start on your book’s success. We’ve published over 14 million gift books, and with our partner company, Christian Art Gifts, we produce gifts to go along with our books, so when we consider your book ideas, we’re considering future product scale. We’ve already got a customer base of over 3000 retailers, so your distribution channels are built-in. And—you’ll get the support of our design and marketing teams every step of the way.

Two books, white one titled Daily Hope for a Woman's Heart and brown one Walking with God, lying on wood surface with flowers
Two books on tray, one open on closed titled Moments with God

Who is this for?

We are looking for Christian authors eager to work alongside Christian Art Publishers to see their books come to life. You may be a first-time author looking for a place to start. Or, you’ve published a few books already and would love our design, marketing and distribution expertise to take your work and your brand to the next level.

How we do it.

Our team will partner with you from concept to launch date and beyond. Follow our six-step plan for success.



Our team will work with you to develop successful data-driven strategies for your book.



Our world-class design team creates a book design that captures your book’s unique message.



Our publishing experts work with our suppliers to produce a beautiful gift-quality book.



We will reach the right audience for the most sales online, through social media, and our distribution channels.



We manage inventory and marketing channels to prepare and launch your book into the world and onto bookstore shelves.



Post-launch, we’ll continue to market for increased reach and opportunity around your book’s title and topic.

Our strategy works.

Mr. & Mrs. 366 Devotions for Couples

by Rob & Joanna Teigan

400k+ sold

Image of devotionals by Cherie Hill

Father, Son & Holy Spirit Devotionals & More

by Cherie Hill

100k+ sold

Image of devotlionals by Carolyn Larsen

One Minute Devotionals, Kids Devotionals & More

by Carolyn Larsen

2m sold

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